2020 Nissan Juke

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I think this looks really good.
A more grown-up and upscale version of the first generation.
It now incorporates more design cues from other Nissan models. (Like that floating roof so many people love to hate)
The new interior looks a bit more like the next Sentra.
I am glad it is still a bit weird looking. 
The first generation was a huge hit for Nissan in Europe and this one could do the same.
The new Juke is larger and roomier. But far less powerful than before.
Since Nissan is so far only mentioning a new 3 cylinder Turbo engine with 117HP.
And again, this is not for the US…

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  1. Nice. Nissan still offers the 1.6T in the Sentra, so they could still offer that here in the new Juke.

  2. I'm so sick of those junky C-pillars. For some reason, many other manufacturers use that area to create hideous blind spots as a point of styling. That and gigantic grills and huge holes in the front and even rear bumpers to simulate cooling vents. The Civic is most guilty of the latter styling offense. Grow up, manufacturers, and stop acting like the copy cats you are.

  3. looks very good. I dislike the previous Juke, but this i like. That dash layout looks amazing. The turbo 1.6 from the Sentra would be perfect, but then again, not being sold in north america so blah blah .

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