2020 Renault Zoe

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While Renault calls the 2020 Zoe “new” and “3rd generation”, this is obviously not a new car.
But an extensive revision of the current generation (2020 model is the blue car)
Even inside, where the dashboard and console have been redesigned. But the door panels seem to be the same.

It is OK, since the Zoe still looks really nice.
Improvements do include a much longer range available with 242 miles.
And that new dashboard looks much nicer and upscale than before.

This seems to be a great update and it would really make a nice small Nissan EV in the US…
Just don’t call it “new 3rd generation”…

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  1. it's freaking adorable… although the tail-lights are pretty cool in either form. Inside looks great for sure.

  2. It's not as dreadfully dull as the Leaf, but it still looks very ordinary. Automakers seem to forget that EVs need to look good to attract skeptical buyers that would otherwise buy an ICE car. The fossil fuel-burning Clio looks 10 times better than this and is also cheaper, so why would i buy this over the Clio?

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