2020 VW Golf

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Always a bit sad to see the next generation Golf (top) next to the current one.
It just makes you realize how little the design actually changes from one generation to the next.
Why even bother…
The top prototype is the new plug-in version. And still has a bit of camouflage on the lights. Otherwise, this is it…
The next generation Golf is not scheduled for the US market anymore (But it is for Canada)
We will only get the GTI version.

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  1. @5:59 Germans are very aware not to use any swastical related symbols, since its use is forbidden. Opel had a very swastika like alloy wheels design a couple of years ago; it was quite a scandal.

  2. This is absolutely the worst pic I can find of what looks like a base model 2020 Golf right next to a high quality image of a Golf R with beautiful colors. Not really apples to apples as far as image quality and subject are concerned.

  3. Absolutely hate the new design. Profile is EVERYTHING – the heart and soul of structure and sheet-metal that defines a car's appearance. To my eyes, the change is substantial. They flattened the chassis' upward-arch, negating its aerodynamism. The car looks 1000% more pedestrian and unremarkable. Utterly horrible and I'm no longer considering a GTI in ~2022. I'm focusing on a Mazda 3 now.

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