2020/21 Genesis G80

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These newer spy shots of the next generation Genesis G80 look really close to these illustrations I had posted a while ago.
The rear ends still seems a bit droopy…
Not sure how healthy the mid-sized RWD sedan market is, but the new Genesis doens’t seem to bring anything new to the table. So far.
Unless there is a hatchback hidding in there?
Now we really see that all new huge Genesis grille. Same as the revised 2020 G90.
(Which means the new G70 will probably be revised soon to match the others)

Otherwise, these wide tires do look quite sporty I must say.

Even though the Lexus GS is going away (or is it gone yet).
And the Infiniti sedans are struggling, the new G80 will still have new competition from the new Cadillac CT-5.
With its very attractive $37 000. Which is about $10 000 less than the CTS it replaces.

So far, the current Genesis G80 starts at around $42 000.

On another note, the all new G80 is now scheduled for early 2020, instead of late this year.

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  1. That grille is way too big (that seems to be a trend in luxury car design nowadays) and those wheels look like they came from the 80s.

  2. Not bad, but it looks like a larger version of the upcoming Sonata. Especially the back.

  3. Compare it to a Ct5, this Genesis seems to win BIG WAY. This is no Nissan Altima with a Cadillac logo! This is a real luxury car.

  4. How are you critiquing such a beautiful car. On the street riding you’ll have a different opinion

  5. Looks promising so far.

    The CT5 may be a bargain in the segment, but its hideous looks are a deal breaker. I would definitely pick the Genesis over the Cadillac, even though it costs more.

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