2020/21 Toyota Yaris to be a Mazda 2 clone, again?

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As mentioned earlier Toyota has decided to replace their original Yaris with a Mazda 2 hatchback clone in the US for 2020.
A weird move since the current Mazda 2 has been around for years.
The sedan version was even sold as a Scion years ago.
It looks like it will happen again with the next generation.
The car pictured above ( and almost uncovered HERE) looks a lot like a Mazda.
Which could mean that from the very begining, the new Yaris will in fact be a Mazda with a new nose.
The European plates on the prototype clearly show this is a solution chosen for other markets  as well.
(For now, the European Yaris is still the Toyota model, not a Mazda)
I guess why not. I remember many people lamenting the fact that Mazda had decided not to sell the current Mazda 2 in the US, years ago.
We finally got, as a Toyota.
This just means the next Mazda 2 is also coming over. Once again, as a Toyota…

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  1. You're right, I have seen that.
    Maybe Mazda will have access to that platform as well? Doing the design for both cars?

  2. If I wanted to buy a Mazda which I never would I'd learn to walk again….my Yaris is awesome I've had two echos excellent …my neighbours Mazda's both rotting away in his driveway

  3. Vince, the current Yaris is also based off the Mazda 2. This just means that Mazda is going to continue building the Yaris for Toyota for the new generation.

  4. That's a big and baseless claim. Just because it kinda sorta looks like a Mazda? All facts point to the contrary.

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