2021 BMW X4?

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 Again, I do have to thank a reader for these spy shots from New York.

I was told it could be a revised BMW X4.
The X4 is very new, as it only came out last year in the US.
Of course, the prototype looks a lot like the X4 (Dark car in the official pix)
But since all BMW models look the same it’s hard to tell what it is…

The interior shot is a dead give away.
As it is the same as the current 3 series (picture above) and not the X4 interior.
Which means this prototype could be a version of the upcoming 4 series. Or the return of the 3 Series Gran Turismo?

I had read somewhere that BMW was not coming up with another GT version of the redesigned 3 series. (or at least it wasn’t coming to the US)

But it looks like the 3 Series GT will be reborn.
If not in the US, at least overseas…

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  1. It's not the x4. Rather is the new x6 (as its always based on x5), notice the similar exhaust as the new x5, and the interior is exactly from the x5.also notice how small the mdx looks behind it in one of the pics. The x4 just came out so therrs too much sheet metal difference on this one

  2. Note that although similar to the 3 series interior, the interior is slightly different: notice the stitching to the right of the nav screen that is present (as it is in the X5 and X6, but not in the 3 series interior)

  3. Also…you ok Vince? Between this and the post about the obvious Trailblazer the other day, you might want to get your eyes looked at.

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