2021 Genesis GV80

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These new pictures of the Genesis GV80 SUV look a lot like this other set I posted earlier of the next Generation G80.
 I am not sure if they both come from the same place, or if they both are computer generated.
( they seem to be)
Even if they are CGI, they could still show us the real thing.
The car in the G80 photos seemed a bit more squared off than the spy shots.
But these seem to be closer to the spy pictures of the all new GV80.
If these are the real thing, it would be pretty sad.
It would end up so far from the concept. That squared off rear end is almost as bad as the Bentley Bentayga.
Let’s all hope these are totally fake…

This is the very nice looking concept Genesis showed us 2 years ago.
Which looks quite stunning compared to the illustrations above…

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  1. Like I said to Motor1, you really need to do better with quality control. You hardly post about new things happening with consistency, yet are very quick to report about something that is old news and fake.

    You can be better than this and avoid losing credibility.

  2. Yeah Vince- I have to say the other thing is you should be a lot less biased. You should report the automotive news instead of your opinions, because you constantly say designs are bad or ugly instead of just reporting the facts.

    A better post would've been to leave the opinion about the back being ugly out. Your biased (constantly negative) views are making me read your site significantly less.

  3. Looks awkward to me especially the C pillar styling! It looks like a Japanese styled crossover. Ugh! The mainstream crossovers looks so attractive and you have this design for the near luxury midsize Genesis?

  4. These photos are meaningless. Genesis has some kick ass designers and I bet money it will look gorgeous. Just look at what Hyundai did with The Kia Telluride for crying out loud.

  5. This is just an old rendering, not the actual GV80! Why post old stuff, instead of other relevant news.

  6. To me, Kia's Telluride and K900 have the subtle luxury look that Genesis should have been aiming for.. but instead their products all seem to be getting the gimmicky stacked headlight slits and oversized Acura grille that exude wannabe near-luxury. Whoever is running HyunGenKia needs to split up the community design room and give each brand a distinct design staff.

  7. Wow! I haven't seen a new car look this bad since the Pontiac Aztek. The Kia Telluride looks a million times better than anything in the Hyundai or Genesis line up. Sad.

  8. Your doings great job Vince! Been enjoying your content for nearly 10 years now. I will always take a post from you, even if speculated, over no post from you anyday. Thanks for your commitment to good content and your fans.

  9. Obvious illustrations. Nothing to see here. Gonna wait on a reveal of the actual vehicle before making a decision on its design.

  10. I'm not surprised because I think all of the G80's are ugly. I have an older model Genesis and I'm not going to let go until they come out with something decent!

  11. There are countless other automotive news outlets out there. This site is one dude, posting relatively sporadically, sharing things almost always with his judgement/opinion along with it. It has been that way for as long as the site has existed.

    If you want dry, unbiased car news, go to one of those other sites.

    The commenters here like you need to relax.

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