All new 2020 Volkswagen ID.3 EV

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Since the 2016 concept, the designed has changed a bit. But the new ID.3 looks to be quite a stunning car.
This will definitally stand out in a crowd. It is almost hard to belive this is the same company that has given us super boring cars like the Tiguan or Atlas. (and many, many more)
As previously mentioned, this will start at under 30 000 Euros. Or about $33 000.
Which will make it one of the cheapest electric car around. (plus, this price does include European taxes)
So of course, it won’t have a luxury car interior.
Still, VW has found ways to make it futuristic and quite interesting. And again, unlike any other VW models out there.
3 battery packs will be availabe. With EV ranges of 206 miles, 262 miles or 344 miles.
While the 30 000 Euros base price is attractive, things might go up very quicky from there. Since the “1st Edition ” model with the 262 miles battery is already priced at 40 000 Euros.
No matter what, this is a huge moment for VW. As important to them as the very first VW Golf.
I actually don’t see the next Golf being as popular as before. Within a few years, the ID.3 could just take over. 
But again, VW has already mentioned the ID.3 will not be coming to the US.
Which is really a shame and I think, a big mistake. Since it could compete very well with the Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf over here. Even the tesla Model 3.

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  1. Big mistake not to send this to the US, the bigger ID Cross may not be for everyone. This car would be perfect for my next one. Shmucks.

  2. Why the heck are they not bringing this to the States?! This thing looks great! VW hasn't released a truly refreshing and unique design since the New Beetle. Their entire US lineup is the most boring and conservative out of any manufacturer. This would inject some interest in the company again.

    I am truly baffled they're not bringing this over. It could be a game changer.

  3. Well, it looks better than the Leaf and the Bolt (although this isn't really high praise), but i don't see anyone buying this over the Model 3. The interior looks very cheap. And it's not like the VW badge is worth much in the U.S. nowadays… Maybe if they priced it right…

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