Chrysler Atlantic coming up?

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This does look quite interesting.

It would mean there will be a Chrysler version of the upcoming Jeep Wagoneer?
Why not. As the Escalade is just a Cadillac version of the Chevy Tahoe/Suburban, and allows GM to make a huge amount of money.
That would also mean Chrysler is not dead. Which is a good thing.

The front end pictured above would also look pretty nice on a new Chrysler 300.
Just saying…
I think Chrysler should “pull a 2020 Passat”‘ with the 300.
Keep most of it, but get it a new body and interior.

As they are still selling almost 50 000 of them a year.

(Thanks to a reader for these pix)

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  1. To me these look like Hyundai/Kia sketches, probably a Genesis SUV in the top pic, and the lower ones look like a Kia.

  2. Perhaps they should call it Atlantica since it will likely only be sharing a brand name with the Pacifica.

  3. These sketches are from a couple of years ago. Too bad FCA isn't serious about giving Chrysler (and Dodge for the matter) any new products, so sketches and pipe dreams is all anyone will be getting.

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