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Today we have a bunch of things that never happened. And a few that did. Barely…
– A design study from the early ’80s for a second-generation Dodge Omni/Plymouth Horizon.
Which never happened…
– A weird but cool 3 row Cadillac wagon.
– A very interesting “next-generation” AMC Gremlin wagon proposal from 1976.  
– Some fantastic looking concept car. (Any idea what that is???)
– An early 70’s design for a second-generation Chevrolet Monte Carlo
– The always cool Pontiac Firebird Type K Concept car from 1978.
– An early, and quite futuristic, design idea for the Chevrolet Astro van.

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  1. That fantastic concept car says "ELDORADO" across the front edge.. guessing it's some sort of Corvette-based concept? Seems like GM has been trying to get Cadillac to sell rebodied Corvettes for decades.

  2. I've seen several pics of experimental Eldos but not that one. Modern and retro did not mix well here.

    That Chevrolet grille dated 1969 made it onto the 1972 Impala/Caprice. Stricter bumper standards killed it in 1973.

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