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I was a big fan of the Honda e.
Until the VW ID.3 was released… 
I still love the cute retro design.
The really nice and simple grey cloth interior. The 70’s looking wood trim. And more.
But… This is a car that will cost the same as the base ID.3. 
Yet, it is much smaller. By almost 20 inches. It is even smaller than the Honda Fit.
Its electric range is only about 137 miles around town.
Much less than the basic 205 miles or the VW.
Both look really cool to me. In different ways. While the Honda is a very nice retro design, the VW is almost futuristic. 
But in Europe, the vast majority of buyers will choose a European brand. Especially VW.
Which is extremely popular there, no matter what.
I hate to say, but I really think the Honda e will end up being a flop in Europe.
Which is supposed to be its main market…
Since it is much smaller and has a much lower EV range than the VW, it should be priced lower.
And, I still think for the right price, with a longer range, it could have worked well in the US.
(But Honda is not even selling us the Hybrid version of the HR-V…)

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  1. I would buy the Honda. The interior of the Honda looks much nicer. The VW just has hard plastics everywhere. Plus, this was designed to be a city car, so the range is not much of a problem.

  2. I'm afraid you are right, Vince. It would be competitive at a lower price, even with the lower range. As it is, I don't think it stands a chance.
    I like the retro design, but feel like it very much lost its edge when translated from original concept to production guise. Just bringing down that top edge of the black "grill" a little lower would help greatly. The production design has a blank, appliance-like face.
    They were so close! I am concerned that Honda will think that this whole concept is a failure and continue making the overstyled messes they currently have for gas cars.

  3. "I am afraid to say but I really don't think the Honda e will end up being a flop in Europe."

    What? So you're saying it will be a success?

  4. Simply the Honda is better in details, style, interior quality. The whole impression that give is quality. Something that stil matter. I think I buy it instead of a stupid suv.

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