How about some crappy pictures of the all new 2020 land Rover Defender?

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These are super blurry, but for now, that’s all we get.
To me, the all-new 2020 Defender still looks a lot like the DC100 concept from 2011.
(pictured in the sharper photos)
Sure, it is not the same, but so similar. I remember the DC100 was not well received by the hardcore fans of the old Defender.
And at the time, land Rover execs had said the actual product would be very different.
Well, it is not.
They just waited 9 years to produce it. Hoping people would get used to it maybe?
I personally liked the DC100. So I do like the new Defender.
I am not sure about that weird square panel over the rear side windows. Although it is a nice design touch, I am not sure it is the best for visibility.
Otherwise, I am sure it will be quite expensive. And will quickly just become another rich person toy.
That will probably almost never be used off-road by 99% of its owners…
At least it looks “friendly”. Not obnoxious like the Mercedes G-Class.

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