Kia X-Ceed plug-in Hybrid

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Not only Europe is getting the really cool Kia X-Ceed.
Now, they are even getting a new Plug-in Hybrid version.

It still looks great.
it has a total of 139HP and 195lb-ft of torque.
With an EV range of around 37 miles. (Much better than our Kia Niro Plug-in)
Which isn’t bad at all. Sure, it is not in the same league as the Volt or Insight.
But this is probably cheaper than both.

This is a very attractive small car. Really a shame Kia isn’t bringing this one over here…

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  1. Vince, the Euro cycle measurements for range are much more generous than the EPA's estimates – I wouldn't be surprised if this model and the Niro PIH have the same range.

  2. So we get the Forte, which looks like a 90s Volvo S40 that got hit with a JC Whitney catalog, and Europe gets this.

  3. I like this better than Niro. It has a much more original design and aggressive front end. And floating roof.

  4. I like it. Kind of looks like a Buick in the front end. Not a bad thing, either. If I remember correctly, Kia snagged a former Audi designer who has given them some really handsome vehicles. I don't see Kias or Hyundais having the price advantage they used to have over Honda, Toyota, and Mazda, but they must be giving those manufacturers headaches.

  5. I'm getting almost 40 EV miles out of my Ioniq PHEV and it's only rated for 29. This is much much more palatable than my Ioniq, Kia, bring it stateside.

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