Mercedes EQS Sedan: Concept V.s production car

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So far we can only compare the stunning Vision EQS Concept to heavy camouflageed prototypes of the production model.
But if could end up actually pretty close.

It seems Mercedes has added tons of bits on these prototypes to confuse things and hide the super smooth shape.
Like fake door handles on some prototypes (but not others)
Fake rear lihgts sticking out of the body, etc…

I think there is hope for the production car to be quite impressive.

And let’s hope the interior also stays close to the stunning concept.

Just like I think the VW ID.3 will eventually eclipse the new Golf, the EQS could actually become more popular than the upcoming 2020 S-Class.

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  1. The concept looks stunning. I hope the production car is very close to it. Jaguar also teased their all-electric XJ in Geneva today. Exciting times ahead! 🙂

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