Mercedes VISION EQS Concept teaser video and pix.

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This is shaping up to be a pretty fantastic car in my opinion.
Sure, the model will see in a few days will be a concept. But if the production car looks half as good as this I can see a big hit for Mercedes.
That interior alone…
This seems to be competing with futuristic things from Faraday Future and Lucid, this will actually be available next year. From a very established manufacturer. Not a new company constantly struggling for cash.
Sure, since this is a concept, the production model will be toned down. Especially inside.
By how much?

 Here is the real thing.
Since we have not seen the toe concept yet, it is not possible to compare it with the production car.

But I love the fact this will be a super sleek hatchback. Like the Audi A7.

 Here is comparing the current Mercedes EQC with its earlier concept version. As you can see, the production model stayed pretty close to the concept.
Of course, the concept was a bit cleaner. And had a strange “Chevy Bolt/Volt” like the detail in front of the side window.
But the shape is very similar.

Same thing inside.

Which means the stunning interior of the EQS concept could end up quite similar in the production version.
Which would be quite amazing.

I think the new Porsche Taycan is a bit of a let down if you consider it a Tesla Model S competitor.
Since it is priced so much higher than the big Tesla.
The EQS will be based on the next S-Class. Since the current S-Class already starts at $95 000 in the US, the EQS would be priced at over $100 000.
Which would only compete with the top-end versions of the Model S.

The game-changer could be the upcoming Lucid Air. Which is rumored to be priced from under $60 000 to over $100 000… If they can really get their act together and actually produce the car…

Tesla has also mentioned a few weeks ago that a rumored revision for the Model S was actually not scheduled.
A very bad move in my opinion. Unless it means an all-new one is in the works.

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