Mercedes Vison EQS concept

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This looks like the very first official picture of the EQS Concept EV.

Which of course looks like a pure concept, not a production car.

Since the original “Generation Concept EQ” ended up being a very close preview of the EQC EV, this could be very close to the production EQS sedan.

Much more on the very soon…

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  1. I'm afraid how distant this will be from the production model. The roofline and DLO are there, but the devil is in the details. The EQC fails because of its face and I think this might too.

    There's nothing production worthy in the face of this concept. So many companies keep treating the grille like some light matrix or screen (Honda EV for one), but the reality is often much more bland. And in the case of the EQC, just poorly worked out and dated.

  2. This will not resemble the production model since by law production models must be more boring than concepts.

  3. If the production model looks at least 90% like this, the ICE S-Class is in serious trouble. Nobody would buy the conventional S-Class over this sexy thing.

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