2020 BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

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Of course, while BMW is calling this a “Coupe”. This si actually a sedan.
It will compete with Mercedes’s new A-Class sedan. And also, why not, Mercedes’s own “fake coupe”, the CLA.
As well as the redesigned Audi A3 sedan, due out very soon.
Inside, it looks like it is trying to compete with the Mercedes A-Class as the busiest interior you can find in a small car.
Seems like the goal was to cram as many lines, shapes and textures possible in there.
This new 2 series gan Coupe is based on BMW’s FWD platform.
But, just like the good old Jaguar X-Type, it will try to fool US customers by offering only the AWD version over here. 

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  1. Remember how many times you emphatically denied that this was coming to the US in your previous posts about the vehicle? Guess you changed your tune.

  2. the front at first glance i thought was a Kia of some sort…. but the kidney grille is the change…

  3. This looks like the current gen Kia Forte, only the Kia is done much more tastefully. But in all fairness, one of the reason I stopped buying BMW's besides terrible reliability is the typical BMW guy actually wants this over the top styling. Until you get into the higher end models of course.

    I will simply say "No Thank You" to this

  4. Here in UK people buy this because of the badge. I drive a Proceed GT and love it. Much better than quality than ANY BMW equivalent. Can't wait for the Forte to come over here as Stinger is just too big for my needs. Put in the Hyundai 275bhp engine in it and it would be a star.

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