2020 BMW 4 series: the nightmare continues…

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First we saw the ghastly concept version (bellow)
And now we get our first look at the actually production car. At least the front end (the worst part)
And it seems to be even worst than the horrible concept deign. 
I mean just look at this. Now it is not even slanted anymore. Just this super giant, ugly, vulgar and obnoxious grille..

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  1. Honestly Vince, this gaper will just vanish into the background with all of the batsh*t crazy cars coming into the fray.

  2. I ain't gonna defend it… it looks pretty awful…. but….
    Consider the size of all of BMW's competitors' grills:
    Audi – huge grill
    Mercedes – ever increasing grill size,with giant logo
    Lexus – a gaping maw, that looks like it was in an accident…
    And pretty much all US brands….

    Maybe collectively, it is really the gasoline engine's last hurrah, gaping for air…

  3. It could have actually looked as elegant as the current crop of Merc coupes or even Lexus ones. That grill is what kills it. Lights up front remind me more of a Jaguar saloon too. Then again, people with deep pockets might like the LOOK AT ME front to stand out more, who knows..

  4. Looks like something a skeksis would drive.


    (it's a The Dark Crystal reference for the uninitiated.)

  5. It looks like a boar or a really fat pig that has snorted too much cocaine. Hideous! My eyes are burning ! Help !!!!

  6. Just when the head of Audi design said that their grills were going to get smaller, BMW tries to be like Audi (circa 2007)

  7. "Still looking fabulous compare to Lexus spindle front grill!"

    Thank God you're not a car designer, Harry Mild.

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