2020 Buick Envision

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The Buick Envision gets a new face for 2020.
(This is the second time the Buick SUV gets revised in its short life.)
The grille is larger but the whole thing doesn’t really look better. Or more premium than before.
In the back, the lights don’t have that sad droopy look anymore.
The whole rear end of the car seems actually new.
The Envision is in a tough place in the US. Since it is assembled in China, it was slapped with a high tariff .
 They sold 30 153 of them last year. And 24 850 so far in 2019.
Which doesn’t seem that bad at first. Until you compare it to the Ford Edge which sold over 134 000 units last year alone.
Or the Nissan Murano, at 83 547 last year.
So the Envision has never become a real player in the US.
The all new Encore GS will be almost the same size. And probably priced much lower.
And there is an all new Enspire model coming out soon. Which will probably be the death of the Envision.
Just like we never saw the revised Buick Lacrosse in the US, I think the 2020 Envision might not make it over here either…

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