2020 Genesis GV80 interior

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It will be quite a job for the Genesis brand to come up with a better interior than the Hyundai Palisade.
Which is already as good as most luxury cars out there.

From this picture, the interior of Genesis’s first SUV, the GV80, will be quite nice and competitive.
Even with some camouflage tape all over it, you can see the stitching on the dash.
The console seems quite modern.
Too bad the wide screen is not completely integrated . It looks more like what Mazda or Lexus are doing.
At least it doesn’t look like a stupid tablet sticking out, like in most Lincoln SUVs.
And the steering wheel has a bit of originality in its design.

I am sure this won’t re-invent the wheel in any way, but it will probably be a really nice choice.

Let’s just hope the exterior looks better than the pictures I previously posted HERE.
And a bit more like THIS. 

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  1. That is looking REALLY nice so far.
    Hyundai has been very attentive with their interiors lately. Nice layering and proportions of elements. I like the horizontal emphasis and the wheel shape. Glad they're not going the "screen-everywhere" route.

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