2020/21 Genesis GV80

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Today we get another picture of the upcoming Genesis GV 80. 
The GV80 is basically an SUV version of the new 2020 G80 sedan. So RWD will be standard.
We also get some specs regarding the new engines.
Which should be the same used in the new G80, at least in the US (A new diesel will be sold overseas)

It looks like 304HP or 380HP.
Which should be plenty to compete in that mid-sized luxury SUV segment

What do you think?
Is this the real thing, or still an illustration?

At least it looks much nicer than the cubic disaster HERE

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  1. I think this is closer than any of the other renders we've seen so far. What a busy year Genesis has ahead.. heavily facelifted G90 for 2020, and all-new GV70, G80 and GV80 for 2021. (The 2020 G80 is already in showrooms and is completely carryover)

  2. It's amazing reading through comments every other day freaking out about how Vince posts.
    People seriously need to relax.

    There are countless other high traffic car blogs out there for you.

    I'm sure Vince is sorry he killed your first born sons by posting an inaccurate Hyundai rendering…

  3. It could possibly be an inaccurate rendering and if it is, too bad. Because this doesn't look bad at all. It looks much better than the other renderings you posted. I hope the real design is this, if not closely resembling this.

  4. Hey, I like it. I hope they build it like this. If not, I am looking forward to what else they have up their sleeve.

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