2020 Honda Fit

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Even though it is nothing futuristic, or even game changing, it would be a shame not to get the all new 2020 Fit in the US.
As it seems to be a big update from the current weird looking model.
Outside, it looks more like the previous generations, which is great.
And the interior, at least on this luxury model, looks quite nice. 
European buyers will only be getting the 1.5Liter Hybrid version. With the same powertrain use here in the great Honda Insight.
So this thing will be getting at least 60MPG.
I think with gas prices going up, this would be a very nice offering in the US. Even if Honda keeps pushing the “larger profit margin” HR-V over the Fit.
If we don’t get it here, hopefully we will see the hybrid technology in the next HR-V…
Thanks to a reader for this.

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  1. It looks fine. As i said before, design was never one of the Fit's main selling points, so i'm ok with the pedestrian styling. It almost looks like an evolution of the second generation. The interior, on the other hand, seems like a big step forward. I also hope this is not exclusive to Europe and Japan. The Fit is probably the best small car around.

  2. Also the Hybrid powertrain from the Insight is rated at over 150HP. Which would be quite a boost in power for the Fit.
    The Insight is actually a fun car to drive. And the "Sport" mode is quite punchy. This would turn the Fit into a much more powerful car while using much less gas.

  3. Very clean styling… yay!
    But…. there is a huge "fly in the ointment"… that front door frame forming a 4 pillar front window! Front pillars are typically already too thick, and this makes visibility even worse.

    Also, not necessarily a good or bad thing; it makes it look an awful lot like a Citroen Picasso.

  4. What gas prices going up? I'm paying between 2.40 – 2.50 a gallon.

    Oh, you mean California? $4.141 for regular? You have the government (and the policies) you deserve.

  5. Yes we do. We deserve better air, health coverage for everyone, a balanced budget and many other things like strong consumer protection laws etc…
    It is a great place to live.

    Average price in the whole country is almost $3 per gallon.I wouldn't call that cheap anyway. Because of cleaner air, average in California (and many other states) has almost always been more (Since 1971). And we are fine to pay more to breath better.

    I still think this is a stupid mote for Honda not to offer a 60MPG model in the US. Gas prices are going up. And not only in California.

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