2020 Hyundai Grandeur

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I have to say, I can’t remember seeing that many changes done to a car for a mid-cycle facelift.
This is quite amazing.
As you can see, the front end is 100% new. With a futuristic and original. light design.

The rear end is of course all new as well.
But they went as far as redesigning the side glass area. At least the 3rd window. Which is a lot of work.
The whole thing gives the car an all new personality.
While still much cheaper than coming up with an all new generation.

Good job…

More pictures HERE

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  1. The front looks very bling and tasteless. This is not going to be sold in North America, so why should we care? Vince should call this blog The Hyundai-Genesis blog.

  2. That LED DRL treatment is the most interesting I've seen since Audi started the whole trend with their "angel eyes."

    Having them mimic the diamond grille bits is quite distinctive and creative. Finally, something different. Well done, Hyundai.

  3. What's up with the Korean car shills in this website? I'd get if someone would shill for Ferrari or Rolls Royce, but shilling for these generic korean barges is just sad and pathetic. They must be paid or something

  4. I don't like that front end, now, as a quick refresher to you Vince, 2015 Toyota Camry, that mid cycle redesing was pretty extensive as well.

  5. You are 100% correct about the 2015 Camry.
    Still, they didn't change any glass. I think this one is even more impressive…

    The 2020 Passat is also not an all new car. But most of the outside design is…

  6. That grill looks like the lattice work under some decks and porches. The rear restyle looks much better imo.

  7. There's lots of Korean car news because they're bringing a lot of new product to market. Do you want to ignore that?

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