2020 Kia Optima Official teaser renderings

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These are the first official news we get from Kia about the all new Optima for 2020.
And, of course, these rendering are quite exaggerated.

Still, they do match the various spy shots we have seen of the car in the past few months.
It is also quite interesting to see where that chrome line around the back window ends up surrounding the whole glass area. Which could look really nice and original.
That rear illustration really lookalike a hatchback. With a glass area so large there seems to be no room left for a trunk opening…
I still think it would be a great idea that would really differentiate the Optima from the Hyundai Sonata.

Inside, the illustration seems actually more different. The shifter design on the spy shot could be from a less expensive version (The Stinger has 2 different shifter designs too)

So far this looks really good! 

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  1. Vince, it is a hatch/liftback. Just look at the rear end spy shot on top of the D pillar, you can see a kink that defines the liftgate.

    This looks very promising. Aside from the Telluride and maybe the Stinger, I personally don't like the interior designs on any of the Kia's but this looks great so far.

  2. The kink your looking at would be a really awkward cutline for a hatchback. It would also make for a very odd shaped hatch. I believed as you did initially, but after looking at it further and comparing to other hatchbacks including Kia's Stinger, I have come to the conclusion that it may just be a floating roof type of design. I still hope it is a hatchback though.

  3. To the comment referring to the kink at the D pillar being a sign it’s a hatchback…that’s just the cut of the rear glass. Bet you 100% this is a sedan.

  4. Sad that the Optima had to sacrifice its unique greenhouse design to the Stinger, because this is much less distinctive. But I bet it still looks tons better than the Sonata in the flesh.

  5. Why is it Kia and Hyundai put more effort in designing their Optima and Sonata vs. Genesis brand? If Sonata and Optima were Genesis models this would had been epic

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