2020 Mini Cooper SE Electric price

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The all new Electric version of the Mini Cooper will start at $29 900. (Before transport)
Which is  actually a good price. Especially, since it apparently qualifies for a $7500 federal rebate. 
Including that rebate, the SE is actually cheaper than a base Mini which starts at $23 400. 
Depending on where you live, you can even get thousands more off the price thanks to local EV incentives.
(It would end up being slightly over $20 000 in California)
Which seems like a really good deal compared to the base gas model. 
Sure, you can also get a Nissan leaf for about the same price. 
But the Versa based Leaf is not nearly as fun to drive as the Mini. 
(And a Versa is way cheaper than a Mini to begin with)
The only problem would be the Mini’s electric range. Which, in Europe, is officially “between 235 and 270Km” ( around 146 and 189 miles)
Which is actually not that bad. 
Since it is a small car, most people would use it for city driving anyway.
That range could work. If it matches the US market official numbers (not available yet)

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  1. Automotive News is reporting the following regarding range:

    "Based on the BMW i3s subcompact's battery-electric powertrain and the two-door Mini Hardtop's body style, the SE is powered by a 135-kilowatt motor that delivers 181 hp and is capable of going from 0 to 60 mph in 6.9 seconds.

    At the heart of the Cooper SE is a modest 32.6-kWh battery that is expected to have an EPA-estimated range of about 114 miles on a full charge."

  2. 114 mile range just isn't going to cut it in America. The Mini needed to be closer to 200 to even be competitive, even with 200 miles, depending on conditions and type of driving you're lucky to get 70-80% of the stated range.

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