2020 Subaru Levorg

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 The top picture is the official teaser for the all new Subaru Levorg wagon.
The bottom one is just an illustration of what it could look like.
Featuring a cool headlight design that Subaru has been using for years in various concepts, but never in a production model.

The Levorg is a sporty wagon bellow the Outback/Legacy.
And it has never been sold in the US. So this new generation will also probably stay in Japan.
Which is too bad…

Unless Subaru decides to design a “raised up/fake SUV” version. Which , it seems, is the only way possible to sell a wagon in the US (barely…)

Here is the current version. A pretty aggressive looking wagon I must say…

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  1. For a wagon to work and sell it needs to be all wheel drive for those that freeze their butts in the North. It will sell.

  2. Levorg? What kind of obscene body part is the Levorg? What's next, the Grundle?

    Other than that, it looks improved and I like the idea of wagons.

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