2020 VW Golf

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As expected, this “all new” generation Golf looks like the previous one.
Except for the headlights.
Otherwise only owners of the current model (or super obsessed Golf fans) will be able to tell the difference.
Unlike the exterior, the interior does look very different. And much more modern. 
Although, nothing futuristic or anything we have not seen elsewhere. (Screens are taking over everywhere)
No specs yet. But expect the usual choice of gas and diesel engines in Europe. As well as an EV version.
This new Golf is not supposed to come to the US (although maybe Canada).
We will only get the new GTI version of this “new” design.
Which, in classic VW fashion, might still be years away…

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  1. There's nothing to be said about the exterior. Looks like the current one, but with an uglier front. The interior looks cheap and low-rent. Must be consequence of all of the cost-cutting they're making because of Dieselgate. Overall, not a big improvement. I'd buy a Mazda 3 instead.

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