2020/21 Alfa Romeo Tonale

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It is really good to see the production version being so close to the concept.
But also weird to see that basically, there is no more bumper protection on this car.
Look at the rear hatch and the front hood.
Both sticking out as far as the “bumper’ area.

I know the Tonale is just one of many these days. But this is still pretty shocking to me…

Otherwise, lights are a bit thicker, which was expected. This will be quite good looking…

More changes inside. Of course, since the concept interior was pretty crazy. Especially the center console.

But I really wish they had designed a screen closer to the concept. Better integrated to the dashboard (as they do in the Stelvio)
Unfortunately, this will be one of these cheap looking tablet sticking out like an after market unit.

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  1. Alpha has the worst reliability of any SUV, Yes that includes Land Rover and GM products.

    Too bad, they're attractive but sadly very unreliable

  2. I've had a Stelvio since it came out last year and it has been smooth sailing thus far. There were 2 or 3 recalls that pretty much just required software updates, but that's about it. Nothing major and no rattles even. My friend has had a Giulia for longer without any issues. Still thankful for the brand stigma though, because it allowed me to get a great deal on it and hopefully for a QV in the future.

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