2020/21 Genesis GV70

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As we know, the new Genesis brand is already late in the SUV market.
But things will change in 2020 when at least 2 new SUVs will be launched.
The GV80 we have mentioned many times before.
And this smaller, GV70 as well.
Which, I guess, in the US should be competing with the Lexus NX , Lincoln Corsair and others.

So this will probably be powered by a 2 liter Turbo. Unlike the GV80 which should have a larger Turbo V6 option.

The picture above shows a nice and modern interior, so far. But nothing futuristic or game changing.

I guess Genesis will play it safe…

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  1. “So this will probably be powered by a 2 cylinder Turbo.”?

    First time for everything but a 2 cylinder Turbo? LOL! That got to be a very small size engine! The turbo charger assemby got to be half the size of the engine itself! Maybe Vince, you mean a 4 cylinder?

  2. Vince, I love you, long time reader here (over 10 years I think), but how the heck do you see a futuristic interior here? I mean, I'm sure it'll have one, but you can't see scrap on this picture…

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