2021 Ford Mach E teaser

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The “Mach E” name is not official, yet.

But it has been a rumor for a while, and I think it would be a good name for this new EV, that is said to be inspired by the Mustang design.

And you can see why in the teaser video above.

So far I think this is a great idea. A 4 door electric hatchback looking a bit like a Mustang could be a really cool car.

Let’s just hope they didn’t raise it up too much..

It is supposed to be offered with 2 different battery packs. And get over 300 miles per charge.

Again, pretty nice…

Of course I will be at the Los Angeles Auto Show and will report on this.

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  1. I hope they will offer a gas version of this car, I doubt they will but I would definitely considered a gas version of it.

  2. I had high hopes for this but after all the quality issues with the new Explorer i think i'll pass. Ford really needs new managenement.

  3. While I beleive Ford may be making a rash judgment abandoning the American sedan market, leaving it to the likes of Honda, Toyota and Huyundai, I see only the fresheest ideas coming from Ford. I look forward to seeing a teaser in Detroit or GNYIAS in 2020

  4. Exterior looks "hot"! Hopefully, Ford does not use the Explorer, Escape inside center stack and dash for the Ford EV. Why, looks plain jane compare to other in their segment!

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