2021 Genesis G70

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I know… This brand new model from Genesis just came out last year, and they are already getting a “mid-cycle facelift” ready.
I guess they are in a real hurry to make sure all of their models end up with the same new grille design 
(The huge one from the 2020 G90 that looks like the Superman logo)
And that new “double line” light design.
These are basically the only unique looking parts of these cars. Otherwise they could very well be from Infiniti or even Lexus.
Maybe they will calm down a bit after the G70, since by then all their cars will have the same front end and rear lights.
Next year will be quite busy for Genesis. With this revised G70 sedan. As well as new larger G80. But especially with the all new GV80 and GV70 crossovers.

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  1. I have a G70 if Hyundai starts making huge mid cycle redesigns to their Genesis vehicles, the resale value will go down the drain. In my case it's a lease so I don't give a crap but I wouldn't consider buying one if they keep doing this.

  2. Saw a G70 in the wild last week and was astonished at home anonymous it was. Such a bland car all around, almost cheap looking?

    I gladly welcome these substantial MMCs. Genesis needs to stand out and I think it's effective on the G90.

  3. Genesis has some of the most interesting designs around. The G70 just needs to lose a few pounds and a add a couple of inches rear legroom.

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