2021 Mazda MX-30

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This looks very nice. Although not that original. 
A slightly new take on the Mazda design language we have seen for a few years now.
I really like that grey cloth material.
The console is really modern. But the rest of the dashboard is very similar to other current Mazda models.
And, no sunroof (so far)
The tiny “freestyle” rear doors seem like an odd choice. Why?
Since the whole thing doesn’t really look lie a 2 door car anyway.
No specs yet… But so far, there is a rumor of a small 125 miles range.
Which would be ridiculous and about half of almost all of its competition. Which would pretty much kill it before it even comes out.

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  1. I have a feeling that this won't hit our shores due to the doors and short distance use. I know that a rotary engine will be part of the package in the coming months, like the I3 but EV buyers typically want the longer range without the help of combustion.

  2. FUGLY! What happened???? Mazda has such a beautiful design language…. this is just so unappealing.

  3. Sorry Mazda seems to be departing from the concave body panel design that appeared on the concepts and the new Maxda3 hatch. I wanted to see more of it – hopefully on the next CX5 but it looks like we're heading more in the CX30 direction. That's too bad IMO

  4. Once again this will be a fail for Mazda in the US. Somebody needs to be Suzuki, and I guess they volunteered.

    Rear doors are useless and if you somehow can get back there the headroom looks horrific.

  5. I'm surprised by the theme – stiff, wooden and forgettable as if it was hurriedly designed in the computer by a disinterested third-party contractor. It's as if they've completely abandoned all of that muscly sensuality that the most recent models embody. And enough of this public health clinic interior theme!

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