Corvette Convertible Video

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OK, I get it now.

This shows the new top win action.

I still don’t think this i much better than the coupe with the targa top.

Except of course you have to stow that top manually …


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  1. While certain aspects of it are definitely an advantage when compared to the standard C8, mainly the ability to stow the top on the fly, and lower the rear window, the standard targa would provide just as much of an open motoring feel imo. I would have rather seen Chevrolet make the C8 a full convertible like the Audi R8. That in my opinion is not a convertible. Still nice though.

  2. I think it is worth the additional $7.5K for the convertible C8 Corvette. It just adds to the coolness factor. So it will be around $93K for me; if I decide to buy a convertible C8!

  3. I didn't think of this convertible being any better than the targa top base model, because of the lack of open feel that you expect from a convertible….. but… that automatic mechanism definitely adds a cool factor. I would definitely pick this over the other.
    However, with this, you miss the cool factor of seeing the engine… hm… maybe if this also had a clear engine cover AND the mechanical top!

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