Ford Mach E

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This is the most revealing picture we have seen yet of Ford’s all new EV.
And it does look like a Mustang…
A 4 door hatchback Mustang. Which I think is great.
So far, this looks like a pretty sporty shape. Which could look quite odd if raised up too much to make sure it looks like an SUB.
Otherwise, it seems like a pretty simple shape. The front end even seems cleaner than the current Mustang.
I can’t wait to see this.
(from AllCarNews)

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  1. Ford's "Team Edison" is obviously aiming at the Tesla Y…. I think most non-car folks will confuse the two….

  2. "A 4 door hatchback Mustang?"

    Sounds awful.

    Mustang and SUV aren't automotive concepts that will ever go together.

    This is just marketing B.S. Count me out.

  3. I hope Ford does a MUCH better job of launching this car than they have done with the new Explorer/Aviator. Ford's track record with new launches has been abysmal lately.

  4. It's a Ford, so the two most important factors to it being a success: Good price and no quality issues

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