Mazda’s first EV coming soon. (MX-30)

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The video on top is the official teaser from Mazda.
While the picture was sent to me by a reader.
Although it does look pretty realistic, it could still be just an illustration. 
At least it is good to see a new Mazda with a different front end for a change. Interesting (if true)
An affordable EV crossover from Mazda could be quite a success for the brand. 
The pic above mentions a concept, so this might not be quite ready for  prime time yet.
We’ll know for sure next week…

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  1. Oh! What a surprise; another “subcompact” size BEV or hybrid vehicle. Just what buyers want!

  2. Oh goody, another "30" model to muck up Mazda's naming scheme.. and oh wait, it's an MX but not a coupe! Even better! I thought de Nyschen went to VW, not Mazda?

  3. Looking forward to seeing the final product, if that is it, the design of the rear doors are certainly interesting. Kind of like the old RX8. I just hope this is going to be a big seller for Mazda. They are a company that has worked hard over the past few years, and deserve some good fortune.

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