More pictures of the all new 2020 Buick Enclave for China

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I think this looks really, really good.
And would be a great addition to Buick’s US lineup. Right in between our larger Enclave, and the 5 seater Envision.
The exterior design is nice and quite modern.
And the interior is really upscale. And also very modern. And no stupid “lazy design” tablet sticking out of the dashboard like a cheap after market part!
This is also a much nicer interior than the $49 000 Honda Pilot I was driving a few days ago.
I think GM should really consider this for the US.
What do you think?

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  1. GM deserves some credit for making 3 vehicles on the same platform and wheelbase that look very different, inside and out. The C pillar slant tells me this one won't have as much 3rd row room, but it looks sleeker without the extra fixed window. It will be interesting to see how differently they operate.

  2. Still can't compete with the Hyundai Palisade and Kia Terlluride, nor is it as fun as a Ford Explorer ST. This vehicle's looks won't be enough to carry it anymore.

  3. Considering there are spy shots of a Blazer XL, and Chevy already has the slightly larger Traverse, maybe this will be renamed and we will get it in addition to the larger Enclave (which is Traverse size). This chinese car is clearly XT6/Acadia size, whereas our current Enclave is larger. Would be interesting to see them also add a slightly larger GMC and Cadillac, but with the Yukon/XL and Escalade/ESV, maybe those aren't necessary.

    I used to say this was typical GM with them offering way too much badge engineering- but at the end of the day, people know exactly what they want, and in this case it gives people more options. For example, I felt the Enclave/Traverse were too large for our family, but still wanted a functional third row without having to go to GMC or Cadillac. In come the Blazer XL and this model.

    Having said all that, they may just be replacing the Enclave with this smaller unit and calling it a day. Who really knows.

    Buick is a little wonky in the US right now as we are apparently not getting the new Encore, but we are getting the new Encore GX (based on the new chevy trailblazer) in addition to the current old Encore. Then to add to that, the envision was just shown on this site and it looks HORRID compared to the current model. Will we get that one- probably since the current model is also built in China. But with the trade wars, who knows about that as well.

    Then finish it off with this ambiguity around the new Enclave- will we get this smaller model in addition? Will they replace the current larger one with this smaller one? Or will we only keep the current larger one? Who the heck can tell?!

  4. It would make a nice addition to the US Buick lineup, whether named Enclave GX or Envoy or something else.

  5. Call it Envision and forget about the actual chinese-made-and-too-expansive-for-what-it-is Envision.

  6. I really like it…. I think it look GREAT…. agree with almost everyone on this…

    sad to say though, according to Cadillac the XT6 was specifically chosen because there will be nothing in between the 3rd row XT6 & the littler XT5 (the equinox/terrain/envision) so we won't see this in Cadillac form…

    but here is hoping that Buick will bring it to the US, and slot it between the Enclave and Envision and call it the ENVOI

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