Mystery BMW SUV…

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At first I thought this was the production version of the upcoming iNext EV.
But it actually does not really match other spy shots.
Plus, 4 exhaust pipes. (Which, of course, could be part of the camouflage. )
But the rear hatch seems to be opening much lower than on the other iNext prototypes…
And the headlights do look different….
Otherwise, what could it be?
Some new version of the X3? X5?
Since all BMW SUVs pretty much look the same, it is really hard to say.
What do you think?
– iNext?
– X3 EV?
– Some new X3 version?
– Some new X5 model?
Something else?

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  1. Quite clearly appears to be an X5 M in camo. To those saying next-gen X3…the current one came out LAST YEAR. No way is this a new or even facelifted X3 yet.

  2. To Patrick: “To those saying next-gen X3…the current one came out LAST YEAR. No way is this a new or even facelifted X3 yet.”

    It was sold in September 2017 as a 2018 model. The current model is a 2020. That is really already 3 years old and next year Fall it will be 4 years old. The X3 M40i was release in 2018, however.

  3. My point is, it’s currently only in its third model year so there’s no way they’re at “next gen” stage yet. And if so, we’d see plenty of more heavily covered mules first.

  4. from what I noticed the spy car is also based on Bmw X1 suv but it is not Bmw X1 probably is the future Bmw Urban Corss suv built on the architecture of the old Bmw x1 suv and the one from the spy tests that is not yet 100% production machine only in the form of a partial production spy, the final car manufacturing bmw Urban cross suv small will arrive on the production line in the next decade, ie in 2023, then the Bavarian small crossover will arrive in production: Bmw Urban cross suv small [sure is the one in the spy tests 100 %] sooner than 2 years will arrive and the third generation Bmw X1 small suv with desings inspired by the new generation of the Bmw series 1 hatchback moving to a new third generation of the small Bmw series 1 hatchback and a sedan version derived from it all small sedan only this time is the European version of the Bavarian model with origins ni: Chinese Bmw series 1 sedan only the European model does not resemble the Bmw series 1 sedan sold on the Asian [Chinese] market The European Bavarian sedan will be built in a different style and we know it will be the sedan version of the new hatchback Bmw series 1 moving on to the third generation that will look the same and the sedan that will look like the 1 '' series hatchback in the front is called: Bmw Series 2 Gran Coupe [identical brother of the Bmw series 1 third hatchback with which it shares the same platform and will share the same engines either gasoline or diesel [if we refer to the bmw series 2 coupe [compact sedan with four doors] basically we refer to the modified European version of the model that is sold on the Chinese Market [ Asian] to remember!

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