Nissan IMk Concept

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Nissan describes they all new EV Concept as “chic design” and a “hint at the new direction of Nissan’s design language”.
I guess the “chic” comes from all that bronze/gold tacky finish.

As for the next design language, I think this would look much better on a much larger car, or truck, like a Minivan. It is hard to imagine any of these design elements on a car like the next Maxima…

As it is, the new IMk looks like it could be competing with the new Honda e EV. If it ever becomes something.

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  1. This is what they call a "kei car". They sell tons of these in Japan. This is probably a preview of their next kei car. It would be neat to see these cars in the West (especially in Europe, where the streets are narrow).

  2. Can someone explain why the big grille?… wait!… never mind about the size, why does it even have one??!!!

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