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I know it looks a bit weird. And has strange lines on the side. And a pretty busy interior. But somehow, I like it.
I think this does have a cool modern personality. 
It is based on the BMA platform that accepts gas engines as well as Plug-in Hybrid powertrains.
It is smaller than Volvo’s CMA platform that is currently used for the Volvo XC40 and Polestar 2 EV.
As well as various Lynk & Co. models.
At 171 inches long, it is about the size of a Honda HR-V (2 inches longer)
What do you think?

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  1. not bad at all… even though their would be major blind spots in that thing… i do really like the back end…

  2. I like this a lot. It's well-proportioned and distinctive, and the interior looks to be well-designed.

  3. This is one hell of a design!!! Can you show more photos when you can? Too bad it is not sold here in US They would sell a ton of these.

  4. i only buy cars i want to wash, i wouldn't bother with all the dreck most folks concider "worthy".

  5. Looks like a modern Citroen Cactus. The proportions, headlights along with tail lights are very similar in theme. Even small details like the protection bubbles. I like it. Curious to know how big the Cactus is in China?

  6. This is a product that would be ready for North America. When will Volvo be ready to go the the mainstream market? They already have sales structure here.

  7. Clearly aimed at the Soul, but with crisper lines and a more modern personaloty.. in other words, what Kia could have dreamed up if Schreyer wasn't so attached to the original Soul concept he designed for VW years ago.

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