2020 Hyundai Grandeur

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Just a few more pictures before the official info comes out.
And no, the new Grandeur is not coming back to the US. As non-luxury brand large sedans are not doing better than 2 years ago, when they stopped selling us the Azera.
Plus, Hyundai now has the Genesis brand to think about. This would be in direct competition.
Of course, this could actually become a Genesis model. Just like the Lexus ES, (a Toyota that became a Lexus).
But Genesis has too many sedans right now and no SUVs (Although that will change very soon)
So another “Lexus ES competititor” would really make no sense over here…
Too bad. 

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  1. I still dont understand why Kia on the other hand has the Candenza, Stinger and K900. They have not adapted to the demand in CUVs and still have all these sedans

  2. Hideous.

    The Lexus Spindle Grill looks more elegant than this.
    The Avalon grill looks more elegant than this.

  3. The Grandeur sure looks a whole lot like the photos I have seen of the new Optima, especially the side window cutline, and the taillights.

  4. The front end of this looks a hell of a lot better than any current heinous toyota avalon or lexus product front ends.

  5. if it comes here, please use the Azera name, and don't try this new thingy… otherwise… not bad…

    not an optima for sure though

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