2020/21 Jaguar F-Type

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 While the jaguar F-Type is now 6 years old, I think it is still the best looking current Jaguar.
After 6 years, we don’t get a new car. But a “facelift”. With an all new front and rear ends. Lights etc…

Not sure about the interior yet.
And I hear new engines are planned (Like an inline 6 cylinder)

They are not selling millions of these and since it still looks great, they are saving a ton of money by just revising the current design.
Why not…

But I am not sure the revisions actually look better than the current car…

This is the current model. 

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  1. It gets a thumbs up from me! The front of the current car always looked a little bland imo, especially when compared to that gorgeous rear-end , so this is a big improvement! It finally has character!

  2. The facelift makes it lose its unique character with generic styling methods..
    for example the unique rear exhaust now bringback. memories of the pontiac grand prix quad exhaust thats been done many times in the industry for normal family sedans.(camry/grand prix,etx)) lazy designer says just make it quad exhaust.. lmao…
    Also the front is so generic it could be from any brand…

  3. I own a 2017 Jaguar F-Type with a manual transmission. Let's face it, you don't fix what ain't broke. Looks great in my opinion – a very nice step-up.

  4. The V8 always had quad exhausts. The model pictured is the V6. Don't make a fool out of yourself, sperg.

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