2021 Buick Encore GX pricing.

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While GM has said the new Encore GX will not be a replacement for the “Regular” Encore, its pricing seems to say otherwise…
The base price for the new, and “larger than Encore” GX model in “Preferred” trim will be $25 095 (including destination)
Which is actually $500 LESS than the “old” Encore in the same Preferred trim. (Which was introduced in 2013)
If you move up to the top of the line Essence trim, the difference is even more obvious. 
The new Encore GS is then about $800 less than the smaller and older Encore.
(GS at $ 29 494)
The Encore GS comes with a standard new 1.3 Liter Turbo with 137HP and a CVT.
While a 155HP version with a 9 speed auto is an option. (but standard in AWD models)
Not sure that GM thinking is here, since this would pretty much kill the old Encore.
Unless its replacement is coming soon, at a much lower price.
The new Encore GS seems quite attractive with a very nice interior.
And at 171.5 inches long, it could really be the perfect size for most people looking into an upscale compact SUV. As far as power goes, the base engine is actually quite similar to what Honda offers in the HR-V (141HP and a CVT)
But the 155hp/9 speed option could be quite attractive and much nicer.
As I noticed in my review, the HR-V was very roomy (almost like a mid-sized SUV)
The new Encore GS is an inch longer with a longer wheelbase as well. So it could even be a bit roomier than the Honda.
I think Buick might have a big hit with the new Encore GS…

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  1. The current Encore is a hit in the US. And has been for years.

    Even though it is now almost 7 years old, it still sold over 24 000 units in Q1 2019.
    In its category, a number only beaten by the Jeep Compass. (at over 37 000 units)

    The "old" Encore beats the Honda HR-V, Hyundai Kona, Jeep Renegade, Toyota C-HR, Nissan Kicks and pretty much all others.

    I think a better, slightly larger and much more modern model for basically the same price is a sure hit for Buick. In the US.

  2. I actually have an Encore, and I'm looking to go for the GX next. Let's just hope that Buick still include sound deading as a really important part of the package, especially road noise cancelling. Lots of car shoppers (and reviewers) does not seem to care about road noise, however on the road, it makes any car feel so cheap, annoying and uncomfortable.

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