2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E EV

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We finally now have some official pictures of the all new Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric crossover.

And I think it looks pretty nice.
I do like a non-boxy crossover look. The hatchback really works since the Mustang has been a fastback looking car for so long anyway.
(And even an actual hatch for a while)

The top part of the roof is painted black as a cheat to make the car appear lower and sportier. Not sure how that actually looks in real life though.
The overall thing does look a bit like the new Audi Q3 sportback. At least the profile…
(And, where are the door handles?)

The interior seems to be a cross between a Mustang and a Tesla Model 3.
Again, this could actually work really well. (Although I still think such a giant screen is quite distracting)

The EV range comes in 3 versions: 230, 270 or 300 miles.
Which is competitive.

– The base model comes in RWD or AWD, 18 inch wheels and the 230 miles range for $44 000 before incentives.
(Which could total over $10 000 since it does still qualities for the $7500 federal credit)
– The Premium model starts at $50.600. It includes a 300 miles range and 19 inch wheels.
– The California Route 1 model starts at $52 400. It only comes with RWD and 18 inch wheels.
– A GT model will be available in 2021 starting at around $60 000.

And of course, a “First edition” model is also available. For $59 900 you get the 270 miles range and AWD. Plus a bunch of “First edition stuff” like special colors etc… (Nothing really useful or  worth the extra money)
But apparently, only the Premium and First Edition versions will be available in 2020.

This could be quite interesting.And no matter what, this is a huge move for Ford.
Although I think it is priced at about $5000 more than what it should be.
Right now, it is much more expensive than a Tesla Model 3. And probably still more than the upcoming Model Y.
It should have started at under $40 000 before incentives.

More on the new Mustang mach-E very soon…

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  1. It’s an all glass roof actually and the door handles are E Latch, with little grips on the belt line it appears.
    I need to see a side view but it looks good so far!

  2. It’s going to be a big hit! Hopefully, the Ford dealership experience will be in keeping with the product.

  3. This could be a real hit. I just hope that Ford does not introduce this All Electric car with the same colossal quality problems that have come with the launch of the 2020 Explorer & Aviator, and the latest F150's. Ford develops and designs great vehicles, but the initial quality always seems to be horrid.

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