2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Video

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Just something I shot a few days ago at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The car is very impressive in person. I think it does look good.

And the interior is much more upscale than the Tesla Model 3.

I hear the “first year only” First Edition version is already sold out. Which is good news for Ford.

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  1. It would take much to make a more luxurious interior then the Model 3. Minimalist to the extreme!

  2. I still think it is expensive. And it is made in Mexico.

    The III is still cheaper and is made in the US. I'll go for that one.

  3. The Mexico comment is spot on.

    Ford takes an iconic name "Mustang", outsources it to a foreign company that
    shelters narco terrorists and on top of it wraps themselves in environmentalism.

  4. I do like it, and even though it is a mustang, I am glad the word mustang is not displayed anywhere on it. Simply calling it the Mach E would have been so much better.

  5. Vince,Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank you for everything you do for this blog. Keep up the good work. I certainly appreciate it.

  6. There's nothing wrong with it being made in Mexico. Being built in Mexico only means that they're testing the waters with this product and are not too certain about its potential success. All the money-makers that Ford has right now, or has in store for the future (Bronco) have already been negotiated with the Unions for production in US plants, so this was probably one that both Ford and the unions are iffy on as far as public reception goes. If this product becomes popular, you can see future performance EV's being built here in the US, but until then, both Ford and the Unions prioritize job security over being able to build a potential feature product in one of its US plants and put jobs at risk.

  7. The door handles are like that of Tesla models. Will come up from the body when the key fob is naar the car! LOL! Suppose to reduce drag just like the Model 3 and other Tesla models! LOL!

  8. Recessed door handles are perfect for not being able to save the car occupants when the car is on fire. Brilliant. Like the Tesla 3 recently.

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