2021 Nissan Sentra

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I was also pleasantly surprised by the all new Nissan Sentra.
Sure, the one on the floor of the auto show was a loaded model with probably every option available.
But it was a very nice looking car, inside and out. The interior design is quite interesting (Even if they didn’t integrate the screen…)
The materials everywhere are pretty upscale. And the back seat is very roomy.
Displaying quite a “this is all the sedan you need” attitude.
Sure, it does look almost exactly like a shrunk Maxima. Which isn’t bad. 
I am sure the new 2.0 Liter with 149HP is enough for 99% of people interested in the car.
And the top version is actually really upscale. For probably around $26 000?
This will be a very tough competition to the aging Honda Civic. And since US manufacturers abandoned the segments, these cars are selling well.
These rather large “compact” sedans are getting so nice they are really competing with their larger mid-sized cousins.
Good for Nissan for staying in the compact sedan game. And dong so with a vastly updated and attractive choice in the segment.

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  1. It looks fantastic, and with my Civic coming off lease shortly, I'm definitely tempted. But based on my test driving of other Nissans in recent years, I doubt if it'll drive anywhere nearly as well as the Civic.

  2. I see a baby Altima much more than a Maxima. Honda has nothing to worry about if all Nissan can provide as a powertrain is 149hp. It is a huge improvement in styling inside and out over the previous gen Sentra.

  3. This does look very nice. Considering that the Civic can be had with a 175hp turbo-charged engine, I'm not sure how much this will compete with the Civic.

  4. How does this new generation compare sizewise to the Versa? They might be too close now that they've both improved their looks by about 300% each.

  5. I'm the Civic guy and I agree with the comparison comments. With the turbo and its tight, responsive handling, my Civic is awesome. And it's not even an Si.

    Too bad it doesn't look like the new Altima.

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