2021 Rolls-Royce Ghost

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I think the current Ghost still looks great after over 10 years. Pretty much a timeless design that looks much less obnoxious than the tank-like Phantom. (And of course, 1000 times better than that “Cartoon nightmare” Cullinan)

It looks like the next one will be even a bit seeker than the current one (Blue one above). With an almost fastback look.
And a pretty thick chrome surround line behind the 3rd side window.

There are rumors about a full electric version of this next Ghost. Which would make it Rolls-Royce’s first EV.
Quite interesting…

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  1. I saw this test mule recently, too. And, yes it does look sleeker and more refined in person, especially from the front.

  2. I have never seeing a RR Ghost in person. But I would get the top of the line Phantom if I had $500K to burn. All RR are custom order and handmade!

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