2021/22 Honda HR-V illustration

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Since Honda just came up with an all new Fit,  a redesigned HR-V is about a year away.

The illustration above seems to think Honda could go with a much more square/trucky look for the small Crossover.
Something Toyota did last year with the Rav-4.

Not really sure this is a great idea. Since the current HR-V is still selling very well. And people seem to really like its car like design.
Although Toyota took that change at it is so far working for them.

Honda could also introduced not one but 2 crossover models based on the Fit platform.

Whatever they end up with, it will come to the US, unlike the new Fit. Which might not…

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  1. Woweeee! Looks fabulous! Now if Honda would offer the Honda Accord’s 2.0 Tiubo and transmission for the new re-design HR-V I by one at MSRP!

  2. You are so new to this, the Kia Soul was an attempt copy of the previous Honda's weird products from overseas. And don't forget the element as well.
    In fact until now all Hyundai Kias were copies of Hondas.
    That was Kia's well made known plan to emulate Honda's way of making it in the U.S. Do a little research before being a fanboy Fusi.

  3. Looks like a more contemporary Honda Element, more than an HRV. I think Honda would be making a huge mistake.

  4. I could take or leave the design. I DO like the fact that the hatch is squared off and not sloped. In a small vehicle every CC/CI of space counts.

    The blue lights are a dog whistle that there's an expectation of a hybrid or full something non-gas engine.

  5. The current HR-V is a nice looking little SUV and they should not go that ugly illustration route.

  6. Dear Anonymous November 6, 2019 at 5:10 PM,

    I'm hardly new to this as I've been following Vince's blog for the past 15 years. Just in the past year he posted a picture of a Peter Schreyer's VW design concept that is a dead ringer for the Soul. Yes, I'm sure Kia learned a lot from Honda AND Toyota's playbook in introducing vehicles that people would want to buy to the market. Any intelligent brand would and the Chinese are next.

    But with reading comprehension 101, I'm clearly dissing Kia as the AWD Soul has yet to exist ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Anyway, I'm all for this more useful, more "Elemental" HR-V design. Those rear slopes are a real cargo killer.

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