2021 Ford Mustang mach-E official pictures.

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We’ve known the specs for a few days, now we have great official pictures.
After watching the whole (super cheesy) unveiling event, it is clear that Ford is selling this as a “Mustang”. And not a “Mustang inspired SUV”.
Which is just fine. This is the 21st century and after all these years, I think it’s OK for the Mustang family to grow a bit.
This could give a very tough time to the Tesla Model Y. 
Both cars come out around the end of next year. And prices could be very similar.
I also prefer the Ford interior. Although I do like the simplicity of the Model 3 and Y interiors, I think they are rather spartan. The dash and the giant screen are the only interesting design. At least the Mach-E tries to be more interesting. And not as cold. And much more user friendly.
Sure, it could have been even better. Maybe even more retro inspired (Although the 2 scoops on the dash are still there!)
This is problem that Tesla will be facing more and more. Every year now.
Competition, from established manufacturers. With tons and tons of cash to spend on research, new EVs and advertising.
It seems they will only be able to survive if they offer something really different. Amazing looking.
Or crazy futuristic.
I think this new Mach-E spells bad news for the Model Y…

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  1. I really hope there are additional incentives other than state and federal by Ford. Prices are rather step and if Lincoln wants to sell there own version, it will be super expensive. Like S Class expensive. That might make buyers head over to the competition very easily.

    The other concern is that if you add AWD to the base battery, range is no longer class leading. I built an AWD MACH E on the Ford site with range extender battery that comes out $60,000. So you minus $7500 leaving you to pay $ 52,000, still a lot for a Ford.

    Also, what about Ford recalls 🙁

  2. Vince, I am afraid you are right. This is taking dead aim at the Model Y. I drove a Tesla S across the country last year. When I checked into a hotel in Nebraska, the clerk/owner had never heard of a Tesla before…
    Thursday is "Cybertruck Day" so maybe Elon can make a bigger splash…? Who knows.

    I confess that I want to not like this Mustang, because of the yet-another-crossover schtick. I think it looks great, but not particularly Mustangish.

    I'm looking forward to seeing this at the LA Autoshow… and dying to see more detail about the rear door handles!

  3. I definitely like the interior more than the Model Y, but think the starting price is too high (43K+) and range too low (210 miles). The, of course, is the question of build quality…guess we'll see.

  4. I agree completely, Vince. I don't think much of "Maximum Bob", but he was right in saying the Model Y is terminally ugly. It looks like the Quasimodo of ducks.

    I was disappointed by the picture of the Mach E in white. It looks huge. I was hoping for a small SUV. I just like small vehicles. I guess most of America wants something to haul the junior soccer team around in.

    Still, if the Mustang Mach E proves reliable and Ford makes it in large numbers and sells it in all fifty states, it will a great job by Ford.

    Let's hope the dealers wake up and realize it's the future. Unless you want the future to be like Venus.

  5. Wow, cars from 2121 will look almost the same as cars from today. Also, i didn't know Vince was a time traveller.

  6. I disagree. It would have been perfect to simply call it the Mach E. The name Mustang and the iconic horse emblem should be no where near this vehicle. If they wanted to produce an ev Mustang, then they should have done it. A proper 2 door coupe ev Mustang.
    That said, the vehicle itself is really nicely executed, and I am sure they will sell plenty of them.

  7. I want to amend the comment I just made. The Mach E looks great except for the GT version I just saw in the reveal. How sad they had to slap that black fake grille nose cone on it!

    True, not Audi egregious but still bad and sad.

  8. +0
    “ The Mustang Mach-E will be built at Ford's plant in Mexico.“

    I am going with Tesla if I decide on a BEV, American made! Support the U.S. economy and U.S. workers not Mexico’s!

    Go U.S.A. all the way!

  9. “ The Mustang Mach-E will be built at Ford's plant in Mexico.“

    I am going with Tesla if I decide on a BEV, American made! Support the U.S. economy and U.S. workers not Mexico’s!

    Why would I want to support Mexico’s economy?

  10. Great job by Ford! I really hope it's successful, as I do all EV's. I don't think this will hurt Model Y. Price point for Mach E is too high and range is so so. Tesla is ahead of the game right now and everyone else is catching up. Competition is good. Audi ETron needs to go back to the drawing board in regards to range.

  11. I am going to reserve judgement on this but my mind does wander.
    Will a Lncoln version be called the "Mark-E" or resurrect "Marquis" ?

  12. This is a hot vehicle. As for the name… it's like gay marriage, if you aren't going to take part, there's no impact to you.

  13. I'd get this over the Model Y. The interior has buttons and the driver has an actual dashboard/IP cluster.

    I'm curious about Ford's Autopilot equivalent. They said it'll have Level 2.5 autonomy.

  14. I think it looks fine for what it is. However, I would have prefered a name that looks to the future, not the past. Why dilute an iconic car with one of the most recognizable names in automotive history? Or did I just answer my own question?

  15. How many times have we heard about how the next new thing’s gonna be “trouble for Tesla?” From the i3, to the Bolt to the e-tron to the I-Pace, they were all gonna be “trouble for Tesla.” But none of them are “trouble for Tesla,” just like how the Pixel isn’t trouble for the iPhone. Brand is everything, which is why Ford is trying to extend the Mustang brand on to this CUV. But the Tesla brand is infinitely stronger than Mustang among the high income greenie nerds who actually buy these things. So no, the Mustang Mistak-e isn’t gonna be “trouble for Tesla.” At all.

  16. Tax incentivize all gas stations to install super fast EV chargers and then we can have a game changer. Until then we will have each manufacturer telling us " I have an EV in my line up too." There are Teslas 3 everywhere, which means the sweet spot is between $40-$60k before income tax credits for the average Joes out there. The design of this one looks just fine to me. I just do not want to plan one more thing in my life so that I will not run out of battery juice every time I drive an EV. Until then I am just an observer.

  17. I just want a f***** VW ID.3 in the US. Am I really asking for much?

    ( I like the design of the Ford Mustang EV, but price, Ford reliability and especially not being made in the US is unpatriotic to the Mustang customer who tends to love the American flag).

  18. Tesla on the 21st will revel their pickup truck at Space X Hawthorne Airport in near L.A. Probably more news on the Model Y too!

  19. As a vehicle, this electric SUV is pretty compelling. But as a Mustang, it's too much of a jump. I think they made a huge marketing mistake slapping the Mustang name on this potentially excellent vehicle.. and if they still insisted on doing so, they should have at least concurrently developed an electric version of the Mustang coupe so this SUV called Mustang wouldn't have two traits that no Mustang has ever had (three if it's the AWD version) instead of just the SUV/4-door one.

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