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The new Menlo (one of the stupidest car name ever…) is a Chinese market model.
As it is based on the existing Buick Velite 6.
So it is not the “Bolt Based” EV that is coming up for the US soon.
The Menlo is actually longer.
I think it’s too bad. I am sure the upcoming US model will be fine since the Bolt is a really a great driving EV.
But this would be nice to have in the US as well.
The design is very busy. (There seem to be enough lines for 2 more cars.) But it still ends up looking quite modern and I am sure they’re would be a market for it over here.  
The EV range for the Menlo is supposed to be up to around 255 miles.

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  1. Why is Menlo stupid?

    Menlo Park, NJ is where Mr. Electricity, Thomas Edison did a lot of his work.

    Have you ever heard of the gentleman? Your knowledge or lack there of, of things seems to stop at your navel.

  2. I do now about the connection between Menlo Park and Edison. But still think
    it just sounds stupid for a car name….
    Not everything that has a connection with electricity is a good name for a car.

    Just like a Ford Impedance or a Buick Inverter wouldn't be my first choices for car names…

  3. There are worse names like the names of these cars which actually exist.
    Toyota Isis (Has Isis in it's name!)
    Ford Probe (Sounds like a horny car that loves feeling private parts)
    Ferrari LaFerrari (Seems like a lazy name attempt)
    Honda That's ("I have a Honda That's" "That's WHAT?")
    Peugeot Bipper Tepee Outdoor (What?)
    Daihatsu Naked (Sounds like a car p*rn title)
    Renault LeCar (Really?)
    Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard (Sounds like a wannabe edgy car wizard thingy)
    Mazda Bongo (Sounds so dumb)
    Nissan Homy Super Long (More like "Horny Super Long"

  4. Have you ever taken a minute to consider that different names are more appealing to different cultures/countries? You’re trashing a name here, which objectively is not that bad, for a vehicle being sold in another country in which you do not live. Get over yourself.

  5. After a few golden years in the early 2010s, we are back to second tier status as a nation. Before it was Europe that got the good stuff, now it seems that it is China. Why is GM content to (not) sell the Bolt when they have great designs like the Menlo and Velite 6 available, that not only are better looking, but more functional as well???

  6. Agreed, Menlo is a ridiculously bad name for a car. I am sure it's a wonderful place, but as a car name it sucks. That being said, this should replace the Bolt in North America. GM's backassward thinking at it's best.

  7. Lacrosse, in Quebec, was the most ridiculous name ever, but Buick decided to go with it anyway. The first generation was renamed in Canada, a much wiser decision.

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