Auto Show notes: VW Atlas SportCross

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I have to say, the new 5 seater version of the Atlas looks much better than the regular model.
And since it is only a few inches shorter, there is tons of room inside.
With a huge cargo area.
But that interior is the same as the regular Atlas. The same interior that looked old and cheap when the Atlas came out a couple of years ago.
The fake wood looks more fake than ever. And there is still a lot of hard plastics around.
The silver painted plastic trim also looks pretty terrible. And will never pass for metal.
This is really a missed opportunity. To maybe spend a little bit more on the interior to make it a lot better.
Really too bad… I mean the new $22 000 Mazda CX-30 has an interior that looks and feels much more expensive than this.

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  1. The current Atlas is one of the most unreliable new cars. There is no reason to believe that this sportier iteration will be any different.

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